2017 AFAEE Volunteer Opportunities

We would love for you to partner in our work as we elevate education in Metro Atlanta.  See below for ways to get involved. Click HERE to sign up!

Surprise Day Celebrations

We will contact you with specific dates, but we would love to have your help as we go around to schools all across Atlanta with big checks, balloons and good news!

Project Days

We welcome you to come into the classrooms of our past winners to see how they are implementing their award-winning projects as a result of your support.

Awards Event Ceremony

We can always use a few extra hands the day of the big event.  This year’s event will be May 4, 2017.

Advisory Council/Board Member

The AFAEE Board meets four times a year to discuss ways to move the organization forward.  If you would like to be a part of leading this effort, we welcome you to inquire about the process to get involved.



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