Alicia McHardy

2016 Teacher Winner

SCHOOL: Norcross High School, Gwinnett County Schools

Alicia “Alix” McHardy has been teaching chemistry and biology for 10 years and currently teaches at Norcross High School in Gwinnett County. After graduating from Agnes Scott College (’04), she joined Teach for America and served as a science teacher for five years at Fremont High School in Oakland, California before returning back home to Atlanta. Alix was named the 2015-16 Norcross High Teacher of the Year as well as the 2016 Gwinnett County High School Teacher of the Year. She is currently working on her M.Ed. in Learning, Design, & Technology at UGA.

PROJECT: Digital Science Notebooks

My students will be using portable devices to create digital science notebooks to develop their skills in communication, data analysis, collaboration, and digital literacy. The project will target the 9th and 10th grade students participating in the accelerated science track at my high school.  Students will be using Kindle Fire tablets to create and share digital notebooks, complete with pictures and graphs. By maintaining these notebooks, students will have greater abilities to give and receive feedback and to process data in more realistic scenarios. Additionally, these devices will allow me to address inequalities in my current system of content delivery. My current system of checking out USB flash drives and bulky portable DVD players will be replaced with these Kindle Fire devices with content delivery through Whispercast and our BYOD wireless network. This will streamline content delivery and allow us to focus on the material at hand rather than the technology used to deliver it.



Alicia McHardy 2016 AFAEE Teacher Winner


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