Allison Bridges

2016 Teacher Winner

SCHOOL: Feldwood Elementary School, Fulton County Schools

Allison came to teaching through Teach For America in 2008. Nervous and full of the same energy that still radiates through her today, she began her career teaching 3rd graders at E.C. West Elementary School. After a brief hiatus from Fulton County while teaching 2nd grade in a start-up charter school in APS, Allison returned to EC West as a matured instructor and leader in the making. She became the 4th grade lead teacher, a new teacher mentor, PD presenter, grant coordinator, curriculum writer, and the 2013 TOTY. She joined the Aspiring Leaders, began graduate school, and was featured on Difference Makers. She uploaded YouTube videos of her educational songs and improved her teaching strategies. In the fall of 2015, Allison moved to Feldwood ES through the Strategic Staffing Initiative where she teaches 3rd Grade EIP and acts as ILT.

PROJECT: Engaging Learning for All

The purpose of this project is to meet the needs of our active learners in the 2nd through 4th grade by supporting teachers in their endeavor to infuse innovative teaching strategies based on learning modality and brain research. Using project funds, I will develop visual media of my teacher-made songs for teacher use and develop a workshop for educator learning. Based on frameworks designed to engage kinesthetic, visual, audio, and linguistic learners simultaneously and my teacher-created songs, I would like to offer this professional development workshop related to multiple modality strategies to enrich student learning and make class fun for 2nd through 4th grade teachers and students during preapproved teacher workdays! Teachers will walk away with links to quality visual media of standards-based songs that I have written, as well as CDs with the songs for classroom use. Visual media will be in the form of music videos and “break breaks” featuring my actual students. The videos and CD would include skip count songs used for multiplication, as well as hip hop style songs for Social Studies biographies, Native tribes, Science concepts, and more. Teachers will also walk away with an understanding of how to use the songs to promote kinesthetic learning, classroom transitions, memorization, and understanding of concepts.

Allison Bridges 2016 AFAEE Teacher Winner


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