Bethany Paquette

2012 Teacher Winner

School: Drew Charter School
Project: Overcoming Language & Vocabulary Weaknesses in the School Setting

Ms. Paquette’s project will help students to overcome language and vocabulary difficulties that make it difficult for them to fully comprehend and master grade level material and text. Students will increase their functional vocabulary by hands-on and real-life exposure to concepts including but not limited to: current events, personal and world geography, time and history, social interactions and quality conversations, non-literal words and phrases, idioms and figures of speech, answering who, what, when, where and why questions; naming and labeling items found in the world around us such as various household items, foods, landmarks in Georgia, etc. Improved language skills and a larger base of knowledge and real world understanding to draw from at school and at home will increase students’ abilities to participate actively in class discussion, comprehend grade level text and content, advocate for themselves in social situations, improve their writing, and have deeper connections to learning. Throughout the project, will leverage resources at the Atlanta Speech School and the Captain Planet Foundation.

2012 afaee winner bethany_paquette


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