Brittny Washington

2016 Teacher Winner

SCHOOL: Beecher Hills Elementary School, Atlanta Public Schools

Brittny knew from an early age that she had a desire to teach. Upon graduating from Morgan State University, Brittny started her MAT Program at Johns Hopkins while starting her career teaching 4th grade in Baltimore. Realizing her passion for teaching math, Brittny made math come alive in her classroom changing many students’ outlook and fear about math. Her students’ achievement always exceeded what was expected from them and her love for math was contagious. 8 years later, Brittny is in Atlanta and has been teaching grades 3-5 for 6 years. Washington now teaches 3rd grade at Beecher Hills Elem in APS. Setting consistent high expectations, making learning relevant and fun, and allowing students the freedom to learn by exploring, all contribute to Washington’s classroom climate. Her students always succeed because she always believes.

PROJECT: Recycling and Conservation Initiative

In an effort to make science more hands on and engaging, implementing a school wide recycling and compost program will make science come to life for our students as well as allow them to apply what they are learning. One of the third grade science units is pollution and conservation. Students are required to investigate how the habitats of Georgia and the organisms that live there, are affected by various forms of pollution and learn about the conservation of resources.   In addition, students have to recognize the effects of pollution and humans on the environment and then determine ways to protect and save the environment by the conservation of resources. Rocks, soils, and minerals is another third grade unit. The standard requires students to investigate the physical attributes of soils in order to identify the similarities and differences of texture, particle size and colors. The Beecher Break Down will afford students the opportunity to have a hands on experience with both of these science units and become student experts. Although these are third grade standards, the appreciation of recycling and conservation is a lifelong skill that ALL students can benefit from and contribute to improving the community and environment as a whole.

Brittny Washington 2016 AFAEE Teacher Winner


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