Carrie Staines

2015 Teacher Winner

School: Druid Hills High School—DeKalb County Schools
Connecting to Content with Artifacts
Genre: Culture/Community Impact

Once upon a time there was a young woman named Carrie Staines. Carrie found her niche quickly in college and settled on a career in social work. She was a passionate young woman involved in local and national activism, but after a few years in social work her heart hurt. She was frustrated of the tide of bad she was working so hard against and yet seeing no end in sight. Carrie realized she needed to make a change. One day, after working customer service for way too long and struggling to find a meaningful way to make rent, she found an ad in a local paper asking “Do you love to read? Would you love to teach others to love to read?” After a lengthy set of interviews and some seriously intense training, Carrie found herself in front of a group of 28 students. And you know what? It was beautiful! It was right where she belonged! After her 18 months with IRD she attended a DeKalb County Schools job fair where she picked the shortest line. She was hired on the spot, teaching for two years under a provisional certificate. Carrie loved it so much she went back to school, worked for her MAT, did her student teaching at Druid Hills High School where she has happily been a part of young people’s academic growth for the last seven years!

Surprise Video – WSB-TV People to People

15 winner Carrie Staines


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