Chinita Allen

2017 Teacher Winner

SCHOOL:  Chalker Elementary School, Cobb County Schools

For over 20 years Chinita Allen has been a passionate voice for children in numerous states and in numerous capacities. She has worked with leading education associations on education policy, advocacy and pedagogy. Every child deserves a fair chance to receive a world class education and this strong belief is what fuels her passion to create the world where all children can maximize their potential and gifts.

PROJECT: Green School Recycling Program

In a researched based approach to increasing reading and science achievement the Chalker Elementary Green School Recycling Program seeks to engaging students in science literacy while making science more hands on and real by implementing a school wide recycling program which will allow for real life application of skills and knowledge learned. One third grade science standard relates to pollution and conservation and another fourth grade standard includes predicting how changes in the environment would affect a community (ecosystem) of organisms. Additionally, across grade levels students in reading require students to describe and explain the relationship between scientific ideas or concepts, or steps in technical procedures in a text, using language that pertains to time, sequence, and cause/effect. The Chalker Elementary Green School Recycling Program will afford students the opportunity to read more engaging science literature and to have more hands on science experiences while learning these new standards.



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