Ed Chang

2011 Principal Winner

School: KIPP Strive Academy
Project: Civil Rights Sojourn

Taking advantage of the school’s location in the West End of Atlanta, KIPP STRIVE has developed a social studies curriculum that that focuses on the struggle for Civil Rights (whether learning about the U.S., Latin America, or Africa). The academy believes deeply in not only teaching students about the Civil Rights Movement, but also immersing them in the history by bringing them to the places where history was made. 5th graders travel to Birmingham, 6th graders visit Selma and 7th graders explore Montgomery. This award will sponsor the 5th grade trip to Birmingham, where students will see the 16th St. Baptist Church and talk to the families of the four little girls who were killed by hate bombing. They will also visit the Civil Rights Institute.

2011 afaee winner ed_chang


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