Erik Herndon

2012 Teacher Winner

School: Young Middle School
Project: Young Recording Studios

The goal of this project is to increase student engagement in math, science and music by incorporating the Zoobeat and Urban Remix curriculum into our music classes; inviting math classes that are working on the slope formula and science classes that are working on the physics of sound to have a Zoobeat and Urban Remix experience; integrating the Zoobeat and Urban Remix apps into a music recording studio workstation; allowing students to create, compose, record and publish their musical ideas be they created from iPods, keyboards or guitars; documenting and publishing the performing arts accomplishments of Young Middle School students. Overall achievement in math, science, and music will increase through these cross curricular experiences as students apply math and science concepts to music. Student achievement will increase in music as students will have the ability to engage their own creativity and document their work.

2012 afaee winner erik_herndon


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