Evelyn Mobley

2012 Principal Winner

School: West End Academy
Project: Building a Community of Leaders

Approximately 75% of students enroll at West End Academy because they lack social and academic esteem. Initially, their attendance is poor, behavior is minimal, and the ability to think critically is a skill that needs major enhancement. In an effort to develop critical thinking in students, Dr. Mobley’s project is designed to create opportunities for them to lead and solve problems. Students will hypothesize, gather materials, work independently and on teams, evaluate and effectively solve problems, integrate technology, use presentation skills, and summarize information. Through this leadership initiative, student leaders will become school “Ambassadors” as well as future leaders of West End Academy, the community, and society as a whole. Ambassadors will participate in responsible citizenship and leadership workshops led by school and community mentors.

2012 afaee winner evelyn_mobley


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