Mini’imah Shaheed

2016 Principal Winner

SCHOOL: KIPP STRIVE Primary, Atlanta Public Schools

Mini’imah is a 2001 Teach for America alumna who taught at both the elementary and secondary levels in Atlanta, Georgia. She then served for four years as an assistant principal with Gwinnett County Public Schools. In 2012, Mini’imah founded Atlanta’s first KIPP primary school, KIPP STRIVE Primary School (KSP), starting the path to and through college in kindergarten for over 400 Georgia students. Mini’imah earned her B.A. in English Literature at the University of Pennsylvania, her M.A.T. in English Literature from Agnes Scott College, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Georgia State University. She uses her experiences and expertise to bring to life every possibility and opportunity for the scholars at KSP, the school that love built.

PROJECT: Entrepreneurial Farmers’ Market

The principal goal of our KIPP STRIVE Primary School entrepreneurial farmer’s market project is to plant and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in our young scholars through practical and purposeful entrepreneurship experiences. Through “Big Potatoes,” our scholars, beginning in kindergarten, will have the unique opportunity to learn and embody the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. They will study the lives and work of key entrepreneurs. Ultimately, our scholars will work together as a team to plan for and execute a successful on-site farmer’s market that vends the harvest from our Captain Planet organic garden, which is currently cared for by our scholars, staff and parents.


Mini'imah Shaheed 2016 AFAEE Principal Winner


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