Soo Son

2017 Teacher Winner

SCHOOL: Suwanee Elementary School, Gwinnett County Schools

Mrs. Son has been an educator for 12 years. To ensure academic success of all students,  she serves on Suwanee Elementary’s Instructional Leadership team, STEM Leadership Team (Gwinnett County), and is a member of the Math Vertical team (North Gwinnett Cluster). Mrs. Son’s passion for teaching continues in the summer as she directs Camp Invention, is a Cluster Trainer in the Math Institute, and attended the Buck Institute for a deeper knowledge of Project-based Learning.

PROJECT: STEAM PBL Collaboratory

In the 21st Century, students are learning basic academic skills through real-world problems and solving them through research and projects. We have moved beyond the traditional classroom, where teachers lecture and students take notes. We now learn through actively doing research, collaborating and building a solution. A STEAM-PBL Collaboratory will continually move all teachers and students into the 21st century with teaching and learning. In turn, students will learn the required standards, but also will open their minds to the real-world beyond our classroom walls.  The STEAM-PBL Collaboratory will allow teachers and students to take teaching and learning “outside of the box” to connect the classroom and the real world. The STEAM-PBL Collaboratory will consist of collaboration spaces so that students may discuss the issues and brainstorm possible solutions. It will also have more tablets for students to do the research on their questions and observations. Lastly, it will have 3D printers, so that students may build their ideas, test their hypothesis and deliver presentations.


Soo Son 2017-afaee-winner


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