Vanessa Evans

2012 Teacher Winner

School: KIPP STRIVE Academy
Project: MacBooks for Molding Young Minds

The purpose of this project is to allow Ms. Evans’ students daily access to computers in order to expand their knowledge of technology while improving their writing skills. Living in a technological age, it’s important for scholars to learn how to navigate and use electronics. By having a set of permanent laptops for her classroom, Ms. Evans’ students will learn how to type essays and have the opportunity to submit their essays for scholarships and publish their work online. They’ll also be able to use academic websites to work on skills they struggle with, improving their academic performance. Since some places (such as libraries, colleges, and other public facilities) either have Macs or PCs to use, it’s important for students to know how to use both kinds; currently, our students only have access to PCs, so by getting a set of Mac computers, all of her students will learn how to navigate a Mac.

2012 afaee winner


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